Our Approach

Specialized Advisory Services

Eaglewing is centered on a culture of client service, collaboration and integrity. We provide progressive solutions across the real estate, hospitality and leisure industries, working directly through close professional relationships. In this way, we deliver strategic help in every aspect of the investment lifecycle.

While we are based in Dubai, Singapore & India and uniquely positioned to facilitate business in the region, we also have the reach and serve a growing international client base. Our strategy aligns advice, capital allocation, operations and risk management to provide three key deliverables: prediction of change; development of new ideas and the delivery of exceptional, sustainable results.

Asset Advisory & Concept Planning

Location and competition assessment

Highest and Best use study

Concept Development

Financial Feasibility

Operator Search & Selection

Operator Suitability Matrix

Identification, Shortlisting &
Request for Proposal

Proposal Evaluation & Negotiations

Finalalisation and Agreement steup

Pre-opening and Procurement

Pre-Opening Budgeting

Pro-Opening Program & Execution

Procument & OS&E

Recruitment & On-boarding of
Key executives

Operator Performance Assessment

Management Evaluation & Audit

Financial Performance Assessment

Competitiveness Assessment & Asset Audit

Budget Asseessment

Critical decisions that influence the long-term performance of your business are made prior to the decision to invest.
Our strategic consulting service provides you with progressive independent advice, optimizing the success of your investment. Our deep understanding of the real estate, hospitality and leisure sectors provides accurate, timely and relevant information, including: highest and best use analysis; business plans; management agreement trends; brand search and asset sales and financing activity.

  • Market Entry Strategies
  • Concept Development
  • Highest & Best Use Studies
  • Viability Studies
  • Business Planning
  • Financial Structuring
  • Fund Mobilisation
  • SPV Formation

Our experienced team has extensive knowledge of both the real estate development and investment processes. Practiced in underwriting and due diligence, we provide both the advice and confidence needed to acquire, develop or dispose your real estate and hospitality assets, including: project feasibility and due diligence coordination, ownership, investment, land acquisition, development management and financing strategy, procurement of development teams and specialist asset operators; guidance on the preparation of corporate and investment vehicles/structures; negotiation of key commercial and legal agreements.

  • Designers, Contractors & Suppliers Management
  • Business Planning
  • Land Acquisition
  • Authority Lesioning
  • Leasing, Sales & Marketing
  • Asset Management
  • Asset Disposal
  • Fund Mobilisation

asset investment strategy

Asset Investment Strategy

Strategy Development

Opportunity Analysis & Prioritization

Capability Assessment Investor Relations

Performance Monitoring

Asset Portfolio Management

Plan Asset Mix

Portfolio Risk Reviews

Diversification Strategy Marketing

Funding Strategy

Asset Development

Land Acquisition

Concept & Master Planning


Commercial Review

Value Engineering

Setting Technical Standards

Authority Lesioning

Asset Construction

Cost Planning



Build Outs

Supply Chain Management

Asset Management

Leasing, Sales & Marketing

Integrated Property & Asset Management Services

Asset Disposal

AmericInn selected Eaglewing as their brand partner and master licensee to enter the international market. Having worked on some of the world’s largest projects, Eaglewing is well versed with the critical industry and asset owner’s requirements to develop an efficient hospitality asset to optimize yield and margins. Eaglewing is committed to join forces with the asset owners to do all it takes from concept till completion to transform the way hospitality assets have been designed, developed and operated. The company is a combination of entrepreneurial thinking and hands on knowledge of global hospitality industry issues with both broad and local hospitality industry expertise.

  • Asset Portfolio Strategy
  • Capital Improvements
  • Value Engineering
  • Tender Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Operator Monitoring
  • HMA Compliance
  • Asset Improvement
  • Technical/Project Reviews
  • Technical/Project Reviews
  • Legal Compliance

With a clear strategy to align advice, capital allocation, operations and risk management, and based on the expertise within our firm, we offer what we have labeled ‘asset management plus’ activities centered around your fundamental needs: enhancement of your relationship with operators and hotel teams, maximizing businesses’ value; ensuring operations are managed appropriately; communicating with hotel teams to ensure consistency between your expectations and their actions; delivering consistent and transparent operational reporting; realizing the full value of your businesses through a continuous process of value creation and enhancement; and keeping you informed about all aspects of your businesses.

  • Asset Portfolio Strategy
  • Capital Improvements
  • Value Engineering
  • Tender Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Operator Monitoring
  • HMA Compliance
  • Asset Improvement
  • Technical/Project Reviews
  • Technical/Project Reviews
  • Legal Compliance